UNAD Florida





Evaluation of learning can occur in several ways. Assignments, exams and/or quizzes are formal evaluations means. For assignments, students submit a file; the instructor grades it, and gives feedback. All exams and quizzes are administered through our password protected online platform. These are monitored through IP tracking to ensure the student is the only user. The online platform presents the results of objective exams and quizzes (i.e. those with multiple-choice, true/false, etc. types of questions) instantaneously. The instructor manually grades open-ended questions (e.g. essay questions, short answer questions). The results are presented as soon as the instructor completes the grading.

UNAD Florida expects students to adhere to the timeline and retake policies provided by the course professor in the course syllabus. The course instructor reserves the right to allow assignment make-up and exam/quiz retakes.

Instructors may provide informal evaluation via forums, chats, and other communication tools. This helps to provide continuous evaluation and feedback to students as they prepare their formal evaluations.

When a student sends a message with a question, or posts a question in a forum, the instructor is expected to respond within 24 hours. For evaluations that require the instructor’s review, grading, and feedback, the response time is one week.