UNAD Florida





UNAD Florida has an educational model of online education flexible, intentional, contextualized, constructive, reflective and collaborative, where it is permanently sought to generate learning for all and with all that is based and supported in the innovation and permanent transformation, responding to well-defined principles that support the academy of this type of studies, it seeks to strengthen the virtual learning community with all its components, turning it into a space for relationship, communication and lifelong learning.

These elements of online education in UNAD act synergistically, in search of a close relationship between each member, where the component with the most protagonist and determining role is the teacher, who plays a fundamental role, since the success or failure of the development and strengthening of virtualized education in the University, functioning as mediating agent, motivator, facilitator and with the sense of belonging enough to guarantee the permanence and motivation of the student.



The study methodology will be distributed with theoretical-practical distance activities and broken down into hours of independent study, collaborative reading activities, study of the teaching material, search for information, discussion with classmates and carrying out activities, such as: problem solving, research work, case studies, essays, participation in discussion forums, among others. The development of the classes will be using the Virtual Classroom designed to support the dynamics of the classes and achieve the proposed objectives. It requires personal commitment as merits a process of self-management of learning that is based on the theory Andragogic.

It is available to participants:

  • Website of the University: www.unad.us where you can find out about the different institutional processes, spaces and services available to your educational community

  • Virtual learning campus, with availability of a virtual classroom for the development of each class http://classrooms.unad.us

  • Courses designed with availability of a wide variety of texts and articles in English and Spanish, to expand the knowledge of the discipline.

  • Technical support, with online technical assistants, distributed for synchronous and asynchronous attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Qualified teachers and specialists in the area, facilitating mediation and communication for interaction, collaborative, and cooperative work.